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The server resource pack, with instructions on how to install.
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By Letholldus Fri at 05:46 am
General stuff.
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By Rajaat o 3 hours ago
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Discussion about general topics.
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By Oxide Sat at 06:18 am
Do you feel that you were unjustly banned from the server? Wish to debate your case with the admins and the community? Post your appeal here.
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By Rajaat o Mar 29, 17
Give us a suggestion, anything you can think of that could improve our server!
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By Zargog Aug 9, 17
Current members who have already been approved can post a form for a new character here if they die or want a second character. (You are limited to two active characters)
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By DrJesus o Wed at 01:00 pm
If you are experiencing some kind of bug on the server then post it here, staff will look it over and try to fix it.
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Start a thread for your guild here where you can post important information for your members such as IC meeting times! (Meta-gaming is not allowed!)
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By Conto Apr 26, 17
Something on the server bothering you? Post it here for other members to comment and for staff to read.
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By Paragon Jan 9, 17
Are you someone who likes to draw, paint, write, or make other various forms of art? Feel free to post all of your server-related work here for the people of Saphriel to enjoy!
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By xJazzyCreeperx Mon at 03:03 pm
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Not getting enough on the server? Try starting your own forum RP right here, see if anyone cares to join.
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By Slick o Sun at 08:36 am
In need of some cold hard silver? Feel free to post in-character advertisements for the buying and selling of goods here!
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By ShamelessSellout 21 hours ago
A place to store all Journals by all that wish to write them.
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By Purgatoris o Jul 30, 17
This forum will be used for people who want to share and keep track of their characters development, There will be some templates to use please use then or your own.
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By Elder_Futhark Sun at 09:00 am
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General rules. Please read them.
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By Letholldus May 13, 17
Magic Rules.
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Specialty rules for things such as shamans and werewolves.
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Please read before posting an application.
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General lore, includes recent events, magic, and creation.
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Guild Lore.
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By Letholldus Dec 27, 15
For things that don't quite fit anywhere else.
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Lore for all the major cities.
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By Letholldus Dec 31, 15
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Let us know what you think about our cool new website!
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By Random9001 May 25, 16
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An archive for threads that no longer hold relevant information.
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